Matterhorn® is a name of the most popular makers of boots, which give their users comfortability and reliability during harsh activities, including camping and hiking. They’ve been also an expert of providing high-quality boots for occupations such as mining, law enforcement and military. Each pair of boots they sell is tested and carefully designed to meet certain safety and quality requirements. These three Matterhorn  boots will provide your feet safe and comfortable conditions during camping trips and the like.


Matterhorn Waterproof Insulated Field Boots 1949

Matterhorn Boots

What do customers love about this product?

  • Since it is made out waterproof material, it is suitable to be used for rainy hiking trips, crossing small streams and walking through muddy surfaces.
  • It is a combination of durability, efficiency and comfortability.
  • Even if it almost totally covers your lower leg, it is made out of material that lets your foot breathe, even after long hikes, preventing from having a smelly foot after taking it off.
  • The slip-resistant outsole allows you to safely hike through elevated and muddy slops, preventing from any slips.
  • The DRYZ IntelliTemp insulating technology integrated into this pair of boots absorbs and releases heat, which keeps your feet warm and dry, especially during cold weather.

Matterhorn Waterproof Search and Rescue Boots

Matterhorn Waterproof Search and Rescue Boots

What do customers love about this product?

  • The outer layer is made out of waterproof leather and Nomex fabric to keep your feet dry, especially during extreme wet and muddy situations, like crossing a body of water or during long rainy hikes.
  • Aside from being waterproof, it is also designed to allow your feet to breathe, preventing from getting a smelly foot, fungi and other foot conditions after wearing it tightly for a very long time.
  • Just in case if a fire breaks out in the middle of the woods, or if you’re camping ground accidentally gets caught in fire, the boots can withstand these situations because of its fire resistant compound. You can also safely use this footwear to put out your small camp fire.
  • The boots almost completely cover your lower leg, giving it a tight grip to your leg, preventing from accidentally slipping off.
  • It is made out durable materials, making it suitable for long-lasting and constant uses, especially for long hikes in harsh environments.

Matterhorn Internal Metguard Boots

Matterhorn Internal Metguard Boots

What do customers love about this product?

  • The Gore-Tex layer is waterproof, protecting your feet and keeping them dry and clean during camping or hiking activities such as crossing a river/stream, long hikes during rainy seasons and walking in to muddy locations.
  • The layer is also breathable, allowing your feet to release heat and prevent smelly feet after taking the shoes off or other foot conditions after a long period of wearing the said boots.
  • The steel toe design and the steel under insole plate are extra protection, preventing your toes from getting accidentally pierced with an object.
  • The removable cushions acting as the soles inside the boots absorbs moisture, controlling foot odor and drying it quickly.
Choosing a Good Pair of Boots

When purchasing the Men Hiking Boots, the first step is to take an appropriate measurement of the feet. After wearing the shoes the foremost thing to be checked is the comfort level of the boots. Good shop keeper’s forces for a test walk on a stable plain surface. It is also preferred that Men Hiking Boots should not be slippery as it can raise many factors of danger during hiking. For this purpose, a test walk on an inclined surface should also be done.

Generally there are different types of Men camping Boots depending on hiking trip. A few of the hiking trips are discussed below:

Day Hiking

Men camping and hiking Boots during day hiking should be light weight and flexibility is stressed. As day hiking is not as much stressful activity and does not require much stain therefore, the shoes should be breathable and ease giving. As per the requirement Men Hiking Boots for day hiking should not be heavy in weight and they are not water resistant as well. Hence, they prove to be less durable.

best hiking boots


Mountaineering is a stressful activity which requires during uphill hiking and on-trail or off-trail hiking. As such type of hiking can prove to be very challenging and dangerous therefore, comfortable, light weight and durable Men camping Boots are preferred. Heavy weight and stiff Men Hiking Boots are not preferable. Besides comfort the main quality of such hiking boots is that they provide support and ensure safety to the ankle and feet. They show more resistant to rocky surface minimizing the risk of slippage. Some Men Hiking Boots also have steel shank which is embedded beneath the sole of the shoe. It prevents the rocks from disrupting the feet. If you take a look at some Matterhorn Boots models, you can see that these have a steel shank added.

The materials used in the making of the sole of Men Hiking Boots are Polyurethane and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. The former is durable and long lasting as it shows resistance to unfair weather conditions whereas, the latter is known for the soft texture which provides cushioning to the shoe hence making it more comfortable. Thus, it can be concluded that hiking Boots varies according to the hiking trip but the selection of comfortable shoes is very important part of such trips.

We hope our guide will help you choose the best paid of Matterhorn boots for your camping or hiking trip. Unfortunatelly the company does not produce shoes for kids and if you want to go outdoors with your kids, you should take a loot at our kid camping guide here.

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