Camping can be fun and enjoyable. You do need to follow some simple tips to get the most joy out of your camping experience. Here are 10 top camping tips for beginners. Don’t go on your first camping trip without them. You’ll get the basics from my personal experience here and you can find out more at camping site for tent campers.

beginner camper tips

  1. If you’re getting a tent, think of the ease of setting that tent up instead of just its size. We use a good size pop-up tent that we can set up quickly and take down as quickly instead of a 3-room tent.
  2. Gather all your camping equipment in a corner of a room, basement, or garage and keep adding to it as you think of it. You want to end up with an organized, packed, and complete array of camping items ready to go on a moment notice.
  3. Make a list of items you think you’ll need, and then update that list with things you actually use on your camping trips. You do not have to keep taking things you don’t use. That may seem obvious but it took us a couple camping trips before we realized that some great camping items don’t get used while some simple practical items will be needed.
  4. If you’re starting out, use campgrounds with facilities first. This will help you get comfortable with your equipments and gear. Then you can attempt primitive camping where you’ll be closer to nature and enjoy greater serenity. This can be done in National Forests, Wildlife Management Areas with designated camping areas. And finally, you can go to more remote areas after you’ve been accustomed to camping and learn to do with less. The beauty of those areas will be more rewarding and the experience unforgettable.
  5. Make it easy on yourself with meals. You don’t have your full kitchen. Take a prepared meal that you’ve frozen for the first day. You can easily reheat it. Or do some of the prep work on your meals in advance. For instance, hamburger patties may be ready to go, salad may be already put together, and items that need to be cut or sliced will be done in advance. You don’t need to take the whole milk jug or the whole juice bottles. Use smaller containers. This applies to condiments as well. You get the idea.
  6. Sure, you’re camping. You still need to make it easy on yourself. Take all the equipments and gear you can easily bring along for a comfortable camping experience. If you already have a pop up camper, use it and enjoy it of course. If you’re using a tent, add a screened “dome awning” to your set up. We use a 12ft by 9 ft screened room. It gets a lot of use. We use air mattresses instead of sleeping bags. They are more comfortable. If you’re going primitive, get one of those portable shower rooms (upright tent).
  7. If you are using tents, bring a tarp to put under your camping tent. Clean around your tent well before folding it. Take the time to put all your gear back together as neatly and clean as possible. That way, when you get home, you just need to unpack. You don’t want to create a chore for yourself in cleaning everything once home. Just do it as you’re taking down your station.
  8. If you have firewood around the house, bring some. If not, start gathering some in advance for camping. That will save you from having to go in the woods for all your camp fire needs. If you cook on open fire, you’ll need wood for that too. You want your wood gathering a leisurely activity not a stressful chore.
  9. When you’re going camping, plan a secondary activity besides just camping. Maybe some family games, maybe hiking in the woods, birdwatching, fishing, or just playing guitar and singing with friends. Whatever your side activity is, make sure you include all the items you’ll need in that list of things we talked about earlier. We do bird watching on our camping trips. So, we know what to bring for our hobby.
  10. Plan for the weather! Check for the weather because it’s not very fun to camp in the rain. Also make sure the temperature is not going to drop too much at night, or the days are not going to get to hot.

This should get you started. Camping is fun but you need to prepare for it to get the full joy from it.  You can more information by clicking here tips and advice on tent camping.

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